dearmargaretDear Margaret: I’ve battled shyness and introversion all of my life. I’d love to go to a function and be the “life of the party” and feel comfortable around people. I find myself desperately searching gatherings for other introverts with whom I can commiserate. I’m bookish, quiet, on the creative side. I understand the paradox in this of wanting to be a social butterfly and at the same time loving to be by myself. I just want to be comfortable when I’m out in public. How can I do both?
Loafer of the Party

Dear Loafer of the Party: Creative types generally require a lot of quiet time in order to recharge. Being introverted is no better or worse than being extroverted. It may feel like you’re living in a world of gregarious party goers, but you are not by yourself in feeling overwhelmed in a highly stimulating environment. Choose events and gatherings that best suit you. Do you have an extroverted friend? Tag along with them on occasion at a party. Riding their coattails might be easier. You might also set small goals for yourself at events, such as talking to one new person. Above all, learn to appreciate yourself just as you are. The world needs and welcomes those with whom we can retreat for quiet conversation.

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