Lansing Teachers Receive TenureLeft to right: School Superintendant Chris Pettograsso, Jeremy Richardson (Technology), Kim Gryko (Special Education), Melissa Pope (Physical Education, Marissa Winiarski (Music). Not pictured: Amy Steffie (Teaching Assistant)

The Lansing Board of Education approved tenure for five Lansing teachers Monday.  Lansing Elementary School teachers Melissa Pope, Marissa Winiarski, and teaching assistant Amy Steffie received tenure along with high school teachers Jeremy Richardson and Kim Gryko.

"Every year I have the honor to recommend tenure to the Board," said Lansing School Superintendent Chris Pettograsso.  "Honestly, it is the most important thing we can do for our district, to continue our tradition of excellence.  As you're seeing in the news there are so many awards and honors for Lansing right now.  It all really comes down to our community and our students and our employees."

Tenure was approved unanimously in all five cases.  A short celebration with punch and cake followed the vote.

"Our biggest struggle is to make sure we retain people, and to show them the care and kindness that they show our students," Pettograsso said.  "The administrative team and I have absolutely no reservations about recommending these folks."