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dearmargaretDear Margaret: I work for a young company that has recently hired a large base of Millennials. We used to joke about their idiosyncrasies, but working with them is really a great challenge, and I'm at my wits end. They seem to want accolades for every task they perform, even minor duties that anyone would expect of an employee. They complain about the number of hours they are expected to work, even though they are highly paid, especially just coming out of college. My wife says to fire them, but their replacements would most likely be Millennials as well. They don't seem to understand the corporate environment and are perpetually dissatisfied. I'd like to get along with this new breed of worker. Any suggestions?
Problems with Millennials

Dear Problems with Millennials: Let's take care of the easy one first. If they want praise for every task, that one is free so simply offer the 'slap on the back.' It may irritate you, but it poses no financial burden. These individuals seem to be ushering in a new paradigm and value a flat organization. You are as confused by them as they are by you. Get curious. What is their idea of running a smooth operation in the workplace? They don't want to conform, and if you're a product of the 60's or 70's, you were once in their shoes. It's hard to foresee what the future will hold for companies run by this new generation of employee, except that it will most likely be much different. Open a nonjudgmental dialog with these employees and see what ideas they have. They are certainly more technologically advanced than previous generations, and with some give and take you might find a middle ground and insight into what the future workplace might be like. It might just turn out to be a more balanced work environment.

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