repubdem120This week the Lansing Star begins in-depth election coverage.  We're starting this week with interviews of the two Lansing Supervisor candidates, Kathy Miller and Connie Wilcox.

The Star asks opponents the same questions to give readers the best chance for evaluating the candidates.  All the interviews and other 2011 election articles are searchable so you can go back and review the candidates any time between now and the November 8th election.  Look for this link near the top of the main Lansing Star pages, just under the box where you can subscribe to the weekly email reminder:

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In October we will interview the four Town Board Candidates: Ed LaVigne, Michael Koplinka-Loehr, Andra Benson, and Ruth Hopkins, running one each week.

This year Highway Superintendent Jack French, Town Clerk Debbie Crandall, and Town Justice John Howell are running unopposed for a new term.  All three are Republicans, and all three have been endorsed by the Lansing Democratic Party as well.