mailmanMichael Koplinka-Loehr

I have worked with Mike while he was head of the County's budget committee and as the Chair of the County Board. I have always been impressed with his sound judgment, clear vision and his ability to bring people together, no matter their perspective. I am confident that he will be a major asset to Lansing in moving our community forward.

Andrew Sciarabba, Lansing Resident

Ed LaVigne

We are proud to support Ed's candidacy for the Lansing Town Board. Since becoming a Lansing residents in 1995, we are never surprised to see Ed's name associated with worthwhile Lansing causes and events. His accomplishments on behalf of Lansing are too numerous to list and his commitment to making Lansing a great place to live and raise our families is without question or personal agenda.

Andrew and Rosemary Sciarabba