mailmanKathy Miller has my vote for Lansing Town Supervisor. She has served the Lansing community in several capacities over many years and she understands what is important to people who live in this diverse town. She has most recently served on the Town Board and has taken on several town committee assignments; Kathy carefully researches issues before she makes decisions.

Kathy will help create a transparent, open, and accountable government for our town. She is an honest, forthright, open-minded person who will take the time to meet with citizens, town employees, and town board members regularly. She, along with other town government members, will help begin the lengthy process of researching and preparing for the consequences of natural gas exploration using High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing – a process that Lansing should have begun before this. Please join me in voting for Kathy Miller for Lansing Town Supervisor on Tuesday, November 8.