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track1Trumansburg hosted the 2016 IAC Track & Field Championships last Thursday and Friday.  Elmira Notre Dame took the overall large school girls title followed by runner-up Newark Valley.  While Lansing girls had the lead by one point at the end of day one, Elmira Notre Dame and Newark Valley displayed their depth on day two and surged ahead.  Lansing girls secured third place with inspiring performances on both days, including tightly contested relay races and some breakout runs and jumps by the Bobcats.

All three Lansing girls' relay teams earned First Team All Star status.  Lansing's 400M relay team (Meghan Matheny, Emily Gallagher, Gwen Gisler, Miya Kuramoto) ran to third place behind winner Newark Valley and runner-up Trumansburg while the 3200M relay team of Sam Mauser, Mikaela Garcia, Leigh Miller, and Catie Eisenhut improved their season best time by nearly one minute as they secured third place behind Elmira Notre Dame and Union Springs.  The 1600M relay team of Michelle Schafer, Mauser, Garcia, and Emma Dhimitri edged out Newark Valley for a runner-up finish to Elmira Notre Dame in a season best time by seven seconds.

Eisenhut also ran to second place in a very fast 1500M race that saw all three top finishers achieve huge personal bests.  Chase Yoder of Elmira Notre Dame won in a time of 4:49.47 with Eisenhut right behind her in 4:51.31.  Yoder and Eisenhut were back on the track the next day in the 800M run along with their teammates.  Elmira Notre Dame dominated, taking first, second, and fourth place in the event, but a last surge from Eisenhut broke up the trio as she scored for Lansing.  Freshman Liz Barre of Lansing ran to a huge personal best in the 100M hurdles to secure 5th place and Second Team All Star status behind her teammate Dhimitri who ran to First Team All Star status in both the sprint hurdles and 400M hurdles with a 3rd and 2nd place finish, respectively.

Lansing's Gallagher was very busy on day one of the meet, running the 400M relay in addition to long jumping and pole vaulting, but she remained cool under pressure and, in addition to a great relay performance, jumped to a personal best and Second Team All Star status in long jump and won the pole vault with a vault of 11'6", earning her First Team All Star status along with her teammate Gisler who claimed third place in the event.

Other standout female performances included  Elmira Notre Dame's Anna Lackner's wins in both the shot put and discus. Dryden senior Abbey Yatsko continued her very successful track career, running away with victories in the 400M and  400M hurdles. Newark Valley's Coutney McNeil remains dominant in the sprints, winning the 100M and 200M dash as well as anchoring their winning 400M relay.  Elmira Notre Dame's C. Yoder and Trumansburg's Molly MacQueen made big statements with their performances in the mid-distance and distance events. Tioga's Malley Bowen had a banner day, running to victory in the 100M hurdles, second place in the long jump and pole vault, and third place in triple jump.

On the boys side, Dryden took the large school victory followed by Trumansburg and Elmira Notre Dame.  Lansing finished in fifth place as a team.  Bobcat Alex Powers secured Second Team All Star status with his fourth place finish in the shot put.  Joey Miller-Labar and Mike Lapar of Lansing jumped to First and Second Team All Star status, respectively, in the high jump behind Southern Cayuga's Sam Schneider and Groton's Mike Perkins.

Also scoring for the Bobcats was the 400M relay team of Tyler Ayers, Xavier Gell, James Blair, and Luke Winslow as they secured fifth place.   Gell earned Second Team All Star status with his clearance of 12' in the pole vault, good for fifth place behind event winner Gage Lubertowicz of Tioga (who cleared 13'6").  Marathon's Daniel Harden and Dryden's Tor Wildenstein battled it out in several events with Harden winning the 400M, long jump and triple jump and Wildenstein close behind.   Patrick Hazlitt of Watkins Glen secured the win in the 1600M run and second place in the 800M run behind Union Spring's Evan DeGraw.

IAC Girls First Team All Stars:
  • 2000M Steeple: Megan McIntyre (Trumansburg), Holly Passetti (Tioga), Brooke Shaffer (Watkins Glen)
  • 400M Relay: Newark Valley, Trumansburg, Lansing
  • 100M Hurdles: Malley Bowen (Tioga), Nytice Saunders (Whitney Point), Emma Dhimitri (Lansing)
  • 400M Dash: Abbey Yatsko (Dryden), Tatianna Trojner-Hill (Moravia), Courtney Maule (Newark Valley)
  • 100M Dash: Courtney McNeil (Newark Valley), Emma Myers (S Cayuga), Emily Salvemini (Whitney Point)
  • 1500M Run: Chase Yoder (END), Catie Eisenhut (Lansing), Molly MacQueen (Trumansburg)
  • 3200M Relay: Elmira Notre Dame, Union Springs, Lansing
  • 400M Hurdles: Abbey Yatsko (Dryden), Emma Dhimitri (Lansing), Mia Herlan (END)
  • 200M Dash: Courtney McNeil (Newark Valley), Tatianna Trojner-Hill (Moravia), Emma Myers (S Cayuga)
  • 800M Run: Chase Yoder (END), Emma Booth (END), Catie Eisenhut (Lansing)
  • 3000M Run: Molly MacQueen (Trumansburg), Hannah Yorkey (Union Springs), Hayley Cronin (END)
  • 1600M Relay: Elmira Notre Dame, Lansing, Newark Valley
  • Shot Put: Anna Lackner (END), Layna Pratt (Newark Valley), Marli Hammond (Dryden)
  • Discus: Anna Lackner (END), Layna Pratt (Newark Valley), Joanna Wood (Tioga)
  • Long Jump: Emily Salvemini (Whitney Point), Malley Bowen (Tioga), Nytice Saunders (Whitney Point)
  • Triple Jump: Nytice Saunders (Whitney Point), Emily Salvemini (Whitney Point), Malley Bowen (Tioga)
  • High Jump: Molly Baker (Newark Valley), Mia Herlan (END), Ryanna Lamoreaux (Watkins Glen), Destiny Little (Lansing)
  • Pole Vault: Emily Gallagher (Lansing), Malley Bowen (Tioga), Gwen Gisler (Lansing)

IAC Girls Second Team All Stars:
  • 2000M Steeple: Sheridan Talada (Waverly), Anna Moretti (END), April Dunn (Odessa Montour)
  • 400M Relay: Dryden, Elmira Notre Dame, Southern Cayuga
  • 100M Hurdles: Molly Baker (Newark Valley), Elizabeth Barre (Lansing), Kayla Krommelelbein (Waverly)
  • 400M Dash: Madison Sherwood (Newark Valley), Cassie Ellis (END), Alex Tucker (Union Springs)
  • 100M Dash: Nadia Simpson (Odessa Montour), Hunter Aman (Candor), Taylor Miller (Trumansburg)
  • 1500M Run: Hayley Cronin (END), Payton Yoder (END), Maggie Bond (Watkins Glen)
  • 3200M Relay: Newark Valley, Trumansburg, Moravia
  • 400M Hurdles: Molly Baker (Newark Valley), Kimberly White (Marathon), Chloe Bellis (Tioga)
  • 200M Dash: Melina Ortiz (Waverly), Kristen Oplinger (END), Miya Kuramoto (Lansing)
  • 800M Run: Camille VanderMeer (END), Elle Nittinger (Waverly), Courtney Maule (Newark Valley)
  • 3000M Run: Michaela Tanner (Union Springs), Payton Yoder (END), Marissa Silba (Newark Valley)
  • 1600M Relay: Waverly, Tioga, Moravia
  • Shot Put: Joanna Wood (Tioga), Taylor Purdy (S Cayuga), Fallon Huck (Waverly)
  • Discus: Joanna Wood (Tioga), Taylor Purdy (S Cayuga), Elle Nittinger (Waverly)
  • Long Jump: Emily Gallagher (Lansing), Olivia Douglas (Spencer Van Etten), Laurel Karee (END)
  • Triple Jump: Cora French (Whitney Point), Olivia Douglas (Spencer Van Etten), Mikaela Garcia (Lansing)
  • High Jump: Kiera Malarkey (Newark Valley), Rachel Whitcomb (Tioga)
  • Pole Vault:Madison Sherwood (Newark Valley), Marie Griswold (Trumansburg), Kati Webster (Tioga), Morgan Evans (Thomas Edison), Danielle Hunt (Trumansburg)

IAC Boys First Team All Stars:
  • 3000M Steeple: Shawn Rutledge (Watkins Glen), Same Ives (Trumansburg), Luke Eberhardt (Odessa Montour)
  • 400M Relay: Dryden, Trumansburg, Spencer Van Etten
  • 110M Hurdles: Nick Muldoon (Dryden), Andy Fudala (Odessa Montour), Jonah Schumacher (Tioga)
  • 400M Dash: Daniel Harden (Marathon), Evan DeGraw (Union Springs), Tor Wildenstein (Dryden)
  • 100M Dash: Liam Joyce (Dryden), Garret Swayze (Spencer Van Etten), Jack Murphy (Trumansburg)
  • 1600M Run: Patrick Hazlitt (Watkins Glen), Gavin Harrington (END), Matt Karee (END)
  • 3200M Relay: Watkins Glen, Trumansburg, Union Springs
  • 400M Hurdles: Andy Fudala (Odessa Montour), James Randolph (Odessa Montour), Liam McDonnell (Trumansburg)
  • 200M Dash: Liam Joyce (Dryden), Daniel Harden (Marathon), Tor Wildenstein (Dryden)
  • 800M Run: Evan DeGraw (Union Springs), Patrick Hazlitt (Watkins Glen)
  • 3200M Run: Evan Whittaker (Trumansburg), Gabriel Planty (Watkins Glen), Matt Connolly (END)
  • 1600M Relay: Dryden, Union Springs, Elmira Notre Dame
  • Shot Put: Ali Abel-Feretti (Dryden), Bryce Elliott (Odessa Montour), Zach Elliott (Odessa Montour)
  • Discus: Jacob Mein (Spencer Van Etten), Ty Kunzman (END), Zach Elliott  (Odessa Montour)
  • Long Jump: Daniel Harden (Marathon), Tor Wildenstein (Dryden), Gage Lubertowicz (Tioga)
  • Triple Jump: Daniel Harden (Marathon), Tor Wildenstein (Dryden), Josiah Lopez (Trumansburg)
  • High Jump: Sam Schneider (S Cayuga), Mike Perkins (Groton), Joey Miller-LaBar (Lansing)
  • Pole Vault: Gage Lubertowicz (Tioga), Josh Mastrantuono (Waverly), Jack Murphy (Trumansburg)

IAC Boys Second Team All Stars:
  • 3000M Steeple: Jakob Scholeno (Moravia), Jakob Dillon (Union Springs), Jonathon Jackson (Union Springs)
  • 400M Relay: Waverly, Lansing, Moravia
  • 110M Hurdles: Sam Schneider (S Cayuga), GH Wood (Trumansburg), James Randolph (Odessa Montour)
  • 400M Dash: Jonny Polo Rankin (Tioga), Paco Rilloraza (END), Zack Balog(Union Springs)
  • 100M Dash: Jake Goble (Waverly), Corey Seymour (Dryden), Davonte House (Union Springs)
  • 1600M Run: Nico Tripeny (END), Richard Moore (Groton), Josh Blazey (Newark Valley)
  • 3200M Relay: Elmira Notre Dame, S Cayuga, Marathon
  • 400M Hurdles: Nick Muldoon (Dryden), Jonah Schumacher (Tioga)
  • 200M Dash: Jake Goble (Waverly), Corey Seymour (Dryden), Jack Murphy (Trumansburg)
  • 800M Run: MattKaree (END), Kevin Basel (Newark Valley), Jacob Carocci (Watkins Glen)
  • 3200M Run: Josh Blazey (Newark Valley), Sam Ives (Trumansburg), Ben Davis (S Cayuga)
  • 1600M Relay: Trumansburg, S Cayuga, Waverly
  • Shot Put: Alex Powers (Lansing), Ty Kunzman (END), Mitch Kunkle (Thomas Edison)
  • Discus: Bryce Elliott (Odessa Montour), Alex Perkins (Dryden), Zack Chehovich (Moravia)
  • Long Jump: Garrett Swayze (Spencer Van Etten), Andy Fudala (Odessa Montour), Davonte House (Union Springs)
  • Triple Jump: Keagan Moore (Trumansburg), Gage Lubertowicz (Tioga), Jesse Walley (Marathon)
  • High Jump: Michael Lapar (Lansing), Liam McDonnell (Trumansburg), Christian English (Dryden)
  • Pole Vault: Andy Fudala (Odessa Montour), Dom Mikula (Trumansburg), Xavier Gell (Lansing)

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