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track 2017iacLansing Girls are IAC Champions. Photo by Becca Lovenheim

The 2017 IAC Track & Field Championships were scheduled to take place last Thursday and Friday afternoon at Trumansburg. Strong storms forced meet officials to cancel competition on day one, resulting in all events being run on Friday evening.

The Lansing girls' team was undeterred by the schedule change and captured the large school championship title with 166 points. Newark Valley was a close runner-up with 157 points, while Waverly took third with 66 points. Lansing was led by strong performances on the track and on the field as evidenced by the numerous IAC All Stars honors awarded to the Bobcats across events (see below). Senior Emily Gallagher was named IAC Girls Field MVP after winning both the long jump and pole vault. Freshman Catie Eisenhut was another double event winner, taking first place in both the 800M and 1500M run as well as being a member of the winning 4x400M relay team. Newark Valley's Courtney McNeil repeated as the IAC Girls Track MVP for her wins in both the 100M and 200M sprints in addition to anchoring the winning 4x100M relay. Odessa-Montour won the girls' small school trophy.

The boys team of Trumansburg ran away with the IAC large school championship, scoring 162 points. In the race for second place, Waverly edged out Lansing, 73-71. In the small school team competition, Union Springs won the championship trophy 113 points over Tioga's 104 points. Odessa-Montour was the third small school in the competition, led by thrower Zach Elliott who won both the discus and shot put and was awarded the IAC Boys Field MVP. Trumansburg's Austin Grunder was named MVP for the track events.

IAC Girls First Team All Stars:
  • 2000M Steeple: Molly MacQueen (Trumansburg), Holly Passetti (Tioga), Marissa Silba (Newark Valley)
  • 400M Relay: Newark Valley, Lansing, Odessa Montour
  • 100M Hurdles: Kimberly White (Marathon), Molly Baker (Newark Valley), Emma Dhimitri (Lansing)
  • 400M Dash: Tatianna Trojner-Hill (Moravia), Maddy Sherwood (Newark Valley), Mackenzie Grube (Spencer Van Etten)
  • 100M Dash: Courtney McNeil (Newark Valley), Nadia Simpson (Odessa Montour), Emma Myers (Southern Cayuga)
  • 1500M Run: Catie Eisenhut (Lansing), Mackenzie Grube (Spencer Van Etten), Kristina Knight (Newark Valley)
  • 3200M Relay: Trumansburg, Waverly, Newark Valley
  • 400M Hurdles: Emma Dhimitri (Lansing), Kimberly White (Marathon), Catalina Zaloj (Lansing)
  • 200M Dash: Courtney McNeil (Newark Valley), Melina Ortiz (Waverly), Miya Kuramoto (Lansing)
  • 800M Run: Catie Eisenhut (Lansing), Julia Russell (Candor), Mikaela Garcia (Lansing)
  • 3000M Run: Molly MacQueen (Trumansburg), Kristina Knight (Newark Valley), Haley Yorkey (Union Springs)
  • 1600M Relay:Lansing, Moravia, Newark Valley
  • Shot Put: Layna Pratt (Newark Valley), Amanda Washburn (Candor), Joanna Wood (Tioga)
  • Discus: Elle Nittinger (Waverly), Fallon Huck (Waverly), Taylor Gray (END)
  • Long Jump: Emily Gallagher (Lansing), Gwen Gisler (Lansing), Hannah Bruno (Odessa Montour)
  • Triple Jump: Sydney Preston (Trumansburg), Mikaela Garcia (Lansing), Emily Salvemini (Whitney Point)
  • High Jump: Kiera Malarkey (Newark Valley), Catalina Zaloj (Lansing), Molly Baker (Newark Valley)
  • Pole Vault: Emily Gallagher (Lansing), Miya Kuramoto (Lansing), Meghan Matheny (Lansing)

IAC Girls Second Team All Stars:
  • 2000M Steeple: Sophie Stewart (Newark Valley), Sheridan Talada (Waverly), Abby Wood-Ellis (Newfield)
  • 400M Relay: Southern Cayuga, Trumansburg, Elmira Notre Dame
  • 100M Hurdles: Chelsea Shutts (Dryden), Catalina Zaloj (Lansing), Sydney Preston (Trumansburg)
  • 400M Dash: Kristen Oplinger (END), Martha Schumacher (Tioga), Emily Holt (Newark Valley)
  • 100M Dash: Emily Salvemini (Whitney Point), Alyssa Gowe (Dryden), Miya Kuramoto (Lansing)
  • 1500M Run: Allison Morrow (Dryden), Alexandra Cowley (END), Claire Kubinski (END)
  • 3200M Relay: Lansing, Thomas Edison, Groton
  • 400M Hurdles: Chloe Bellis (Tioga), Molly Baker (Newark Valley), Joan Hodges (Union Springs)
  • 200M Dash: Olivia Douglas (Spencer Van Etten), Nadia Simpson (Odessa Montour), Jenna Squier (Spencer Van Etten)
  • 800M Run: Elle Nittinger (Waverly), Leah O'Connell (Candor), Avery Barber (Marathon)
  • 3000M Run: Allison Keefe (Lansing), Marissa Silba (Newark Valley), Anna Edwards (Thomas Edison)
  • 1600M Relay: Waverly, Southern Cayuga, Candor
  • Shot Put: Jaylin Rumsey (Odessa Montour), Marli Hammond (Dryden), Ashley Smith (Lansing)
  • Discus: Jaylin Rumsey (Odessa Montour), Layna Pratt (Newark Valley), Joanna Wood (Tioga)
  • Long Jump: Hannah Williams (Newark Valley), Sydney Preston (Trumansburg), Rachel Whitcomb (Tioga)
  • Triple Jump: Emma Dhimitri (Lansing), Stephanie Hyland (Waverly), Olivia Douglas (Spencer Van Etten)
  • High Jump: Anna Simmons (Newark Valley), Jenna Squier (Spencer Van Etten), Bailey Burr (Union Springs), Taylor Gray (END)
  • Pole Vault:Kennedy Heighel (Odessa Montour), Marie Griswold (Trumansburg), Taylor Kalpokas (Newark Valley)
track 2017iac2Lansing Boys 4x4 Relay winners. Photo by Margaret Shackell

IAC Boys First Team All Stars:
  • 3000M Steeple: Shawn Rutledge (Watkins Glen), Noah Head (Trumansburg), Aiden Begeal (Trumansburg)
  • 400M Relay: Trumansburg, Moravia, Union Springs
  • 110M Hurdles: Andy Fudala (Odessa Montour), GH Wood (Trumansburg), Liam McDonnell (Trumansburg)
  • 400M Dash: Polo Rankin Jonny (Tioga), Austin Grunder (Trumansburg), Andrew Badman (Moravia)
  • 100M Dash: Zach Blayda (Tioga), Davonte House (Union Springs), Keegan Moore (Trumansburg)
  • 1600M Run: Matt Karee (END), Aaron Planty (Watkins Glen), Levi Mickelson (Spencer Van Etten)
  • 3200M Relay: Elmira Notre Dame, Marathon, Waverly
  • 400M Hurdles: Polo Rankin Jonny (Tioga), Andy Fudala (Odessa Montour), GH Wood (Trumansburg)
  • 200M Dash:Austin Grunder (Trumansburg), Corey Seymour (Dryden), Davonte House (Union Springs)
  • 800M Run: Patrick Hazlitt (Watkins Glen), Richard Moore (Groton), Noah Head (Trumansburg)
  • 3200M Run: Gabriel Planty (Watkins Glen), Frank Vassallo (END), Shawn Rutledge (Watkins Glen)
  • 1600M Relay: Trumansburg, Southern Cayuga, Union Springs
  • Shot Put: Zach Elliott (Odessa Montour), Alex Powers (Lansing), Aiden Aman (Candor)
  • Discus: Zach Elliott (Odessa Montour), Jacob Mein (Spencer Van Etten), Zack Chehovich (Moravia)
  • Long Jump: Josiah Lopez (Trumansburg), Corey Seymour (Dryden), Jon Ward (Waverly)
  • Triple Jump: DeMario Cambers (Tioga), Josiah Lopez (Trumansburg), Scott Salch (Groton)
  • High Jump: Patrick Banfield (Newfield), Chris Baker (Newfield), Joey Miller-LaBar (Lansing), Michael Lapar (Lansing)
  • Pole Vault: Dominic Mikula (Trumansburg), Andy Fudala (Odessa Montour), Joey Miller-LaBar (Lansing)

IAC Boys Second Team All Stars:
  1. 3000M Steeple: Ezra Steele (Tioga), Daniel Paradiso (Watkins Glen), Jakob Dillon (Union Springs)
  2. 400M Relay: Dryden, Tioga, Newark Valley
  3. 110M Hurdles: Flynn Anderson (Union Springs), Isaac Chandler (Waverly), Cameron Fitzgerald (Candor)
  4. 400M Dash: Richard Moore (Groton), Zachary Miller (Newark Valley), Eric Ryan (Union Springs)
  5. 100M Dash: Corey Seymour (Dryden), Polo Rankin Jonny (Tioga), Andy Fudala (Odessa Montour)
  6. 1600M Run: Josh Blazey (Newark Valley), Steven Segal (END), Samuel Ives (Trumansburg)
  7. 3200M Relay: Candor, Odessa Montour, Dryden
  8. 400M Hurdles: Lance Jenson (Candor), Liam McDonnell (Trumansburg), Jakob Dillon (Union Springs)
  9. 200M Dash: Zach Blayda (Tioga), Polo Rankin Jonny (Tioga), Hunter Loomis (Moravia)
  10. 800M Run: Jonathan Jackson (Union Springs), Lucas Baker (Marathon), Bobby Brotherton (Dryden)
  11. 3200M Run: Josh Blazey (Newark Valley), Matt Connolly (END), Jesse Walley (Marathon)
  12. 1600M Relay: Waverly, Dryden, Candor
  13. Shot Put: Trey Howey (Tioga), Casen Weeden (Watkins Glen), Braydon Jackson (Lansing)
  14. Discus: Jason Duke (Newark Valley), Alex Powers (Lansing), Casen Weeden (Wakins Glen)
  15. Long Jump: Davonte House (Union Springs), Patrick Banfield (Newfield), Dakota Edwards (Lansing)
  16. Triple Jump: Flynn Anderson (Union Springs), Keega Moore (Trumansburg), Dominic Mikula (Trumansburg)
  17. High Jump: Jonathan Jackson (Union Springs), Jordan Crossgrove (Moravia)
  18. Pole Vault: Tyler Beebe (Newark Valley), Isaac Chandler (Waverly), Ethan Burt (Lansing)

On Monday, freshmen and sophomore track and field athletes were invited to participate in the Future Stars Invitational, also held at Trumansburg. With some of the best competition weather yet for the spring season, Lansing athletes saw many personal records, including sophomore Ellie Howell's winning triple jump performance (she also earned 5th place in the 100H). The boys 4x400 team of Phillip Linnick, Alex Rose, Aiden Burt, and Ethan Zemanick stood atop the podium with their event victory, as did Lansing freshman John Lawrence in the pole vault. Sophomore Zemanick also won the 400M hurdles and was third in the long jump and triple jump. Freshman Jack Thomas ran to a 20 second personal best to finish third in the 1600M run and the trio of Rose, Sean Ross, and Jacob Searles took three spots in the top six for the 800M run. Newark Valley won the girls team title and Trumansburg won the title for the boys.

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