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The Lansing Bobcats modified and varsity cross-country teams hit the road on Tuesday, September 12, for their first meet of the season. After a month of training with six-day-a-week, early-morning practices, and trial runs at local 5K community races in Groton and Dryden, the Bobcats were ready for this first IAC league event at Newark Valley. Elmira Notre Dame also brought runners to the race to make it a three-school affair.

On the girls' side, the lady Bobcats posted a pair of first-place finishes—with Mikaela Garcia winning the varsity girls' race at 21:51.4 and Kinsley Jacobs winning the modified girls' race at 10:29.4. In the varsity race, Leigh Miller finished 7th out of 19, posting a time of 24:33.2. Lady Bobcats Allison Keefe finished 11th and Teresa Garcia finished 14th, with Hana Thibault and Haley Sullivan also finishing the race. On the modified side, Loveta Geesey also finished the race for Lansing.

The Lansing varsity boys' cross-country team put up a big win in their match-up against the Newark Valley team. For the varsity boys, Zoli Czaki (20:09.7), Liam Hulsebisch (20:31.2), and Jack Thomas (20:44.4) finished 2-3-4 to put the Bobcats team in a strong position with three out of the top five finishers. Torsten Gartenberg (21:44.1) and Teddy Brenner (23:02.4) put up 7th and 10th place finishes respectively to bring home the win for the Bobcats. Other Bobcats varsity boys finishers in the race were Anders Axelson, David Pollack, Ben Caveney, Dowain Geesey, and Max Wakshlag. Final score: Team Lansing 23, Newark Valley 32.

On the modified side, the Lansing boys again ate up many of the top spots with Sam Bell finishing 2nd (9:19.04), Caden Mikhalec 4th (10:20.17), Seth Riley 6th (10:36.21), Charlee Miller 7th (10:50.33), and Tom Stallone 9th (11:27.75). Zach Hwang, Parker Vooris, Brandon Brotherton, Arjun Kodali, Jack Negley, and Bryce Dorer also finished the race for the Bobcats.

"From a coaching perspective, it was great to get our first racing opportunity as teams," said Lansing cross-country head coach Becca Lovenheim after the meet. "We were proud of the athletes' efforts on a warm day.

"Kinsley did an excellent job of running her own race from the start, and Mikaela showed her racing maturity as she ran to the win. The varsity and modified boys teams are our largest rosters in recent history for the team, and both groups were able to use their numbers to work together, with varsity boys pulling off their first win of the season and mod boys missing the win by just one point."

Next up, the Lansing cross-country teams travel to the Rochester area on Saturday for the Wayne Pre-State Invitational.

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