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Lansing CheerleadersFirst Place Stunt Off plaque was presented to Steve Colt (at left) and Ed LaVigne (at right) by Brooklyn Walker (left), Senior Third Place plaque presented by Lillee Gould (center), and Junior First Place plaque was presented by Riley Bowman (right).

The Lansing Recreation Department Cheerleader Squads presented three plaques to Lansing Supervisor Ed LaVigne and Recreation Director Steve Colt Wednesday.  The plaques were won at the YFL Youth Cheerleading Competition in Trumansburg two weeks ago including First Place Stunt Off, Senior Third Place, and Junior First Place.  Parent Pete Walker said the plaques would be put on display in the Town Hall, and thanked the Town for its contribution to help buy new uniforms and equipment for the junior and senior squads.

"We promised we would raise as much money as we could if the Town could help us out," Walker said.  "Ed was on board.  Steve was on board.  Our cheerleading team raised approximately $4,000, and we received a $2,000 stipend from the town, which was awesome.  We were able to get brand new cheerleading uniforms, pop-poms,warm-ups for the girls.  It helped them look good and feel good about themselves, which is huge in cheerleading."

Walker said the cheer season was successful, cheering for the Small Fry Junior and Senior football teams at home and away games.  They marched in the Lansing Bicentennial parade.  Two weeks ago they participated at an area youth football competition, the YFL Cheerleading Competition in Trumansburg.  The junior cheerleading squad took first place, and the senior squad took third place.  Lansing's Emma Heasley was the jump-off champion, winning first place among about 40 girls.  The stunt team won first place in a stunt-off.

Lansing CheerleadersLansing Recreation Department cheerleaders lined the walls of the Town courtroom Wednesday to say thank you for help purchasing their new uniforms and equipment, and to present winning plaques from the YFL Cheerleading Competition a few weeks ago.

Walker said the program started with eight cheerleaders, then 24 were recruited for the junior and senior teams.  The girls were joined by coaches Kristin Walker, Katie McMillen, and Sheila Bowman.

"A lot of hard work and a lot of long hours were put into it," Walker said.  "All these girls from 2nd grade to 6th grade put in a lot of hard work and a lot of time to be this successful."

"Thank you for all your hard work," LaVigne told the girls. "When we work hard for something good things happen.  You can make up for a lot of things if you work hard, and you have.  When parents came to me I asked how much they were going to raise first.  They had an amount and an action plan.  Because of that it was easy to say yes.  The one thing about Lansing people is they respect hard work."

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