dearmargaret In the current divisive political climate, I am a bit torn about social media postings. I want to have my voice heard and my opinions considered. I feel that by being silent I'm complicit in activities that go against my beliefs. I also want to use social media to see what my family is up to, see who got married, and learn who is in dire straits so I might aid in their comfort. However, it seems I can't accomplish both goals. How do you suggest I navigate this emotional minefield and still stay in touch with those I care about?
Want to be Heard

Dear Want to be Heard: So many people seem to fall into the trap of thinking the best way to foster change is to participate on Facebook and Twitter. Have you noticed that when someone is screaming at you or engages in sarcasm, you miss the content and only hear the volume or tone? So it is with social media. In this highly charged political climate, facts don’t seem to matter. One side or the other goes to “whataboutism” or angry, emotionally charged responses. I’d suggest social media may not be the best platform to accomplish your goal of activism. Can you write a blog, make monetary donations to your cause, contribute your time, meet one to one with someone with different beliefs and converse without emotion? If you feel you must participate on social media, follow these basic rules of engagement. Be sure your postings are not intended to goad, anger or degrade those with different views. You’ll still most certainly receive negative comments to your post, and if that doesn’t bother you, post away. Otherwise, save your activism for more productive outlets.

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