dearmargaretDear Margaret: I have a friend who has put up a few crowd funding pages and advertises them on social media. I find it disconcerting that she puts these pages up to ask for money for various charities that she's never had that much of an interest in. It seems to be a way for her to call attention to herself. I really want to say something to her, because if I find it annoying, I'm sure others do. How can I broach this subject with her?
Tired of Being Solicited

Dear Tired of Being Solicited: The simple answer is that you don't approach her with your concerns about her solicitations. You can't know that others are annoyed with her fund raising efforts. In fact, it's quite possible that her posts provide a vehicle for others to donate to a worthy cause. If no one donates, she may find another way to collect donations. In any case, the easiest thing for you to do is to keep scrolling by her posts.

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