The Lansing United Methodist Rummage Sale will be hosted on Brickyard Road again this Fall, a welcomed revival for the community that lamented the loss of a Spring sale this year. The sale has been a Lansing tradition for over 50 years.

"It started as a way to raise funds to pay off the mortgage," says Peg MacKenzie, a worker who has helped at every sale since 1994, "but over the years it's become much more than that."

In years past, the sale had traditionally happened twice a year, once in the Fall, and once in the Spring. However, in 2019, concerns about the aging workforce and the growing size and complexity of the sale caused the leadership to take a step back.

"We cancelled the Spring sale this year because wanted to re-vamp the process and make some changes. We wanted to make sure our workers would feel comfortable working. We're trying to engage new people to take part. Gradually we hope a new generation will step up and take the reigns," says Max MacKenzie, this year's Rummage Sale chairperson, "We set up a committee to look over the concerns, and we've been working consistently for six months now. I think our work is really going to pay off."

According to the Church's newsletter, the sale has always provided 'several vital services to the community'.

Max explains, "The most obvious benefit is that we keep our prices low. People can come to our sale and buy necessities, like clothes and dishes for very low prices, like maybe a quarter or a dollar for a shirt. Much cheaper than you could at a second hand store."

But the low prices aren't the only benefit he adds, "On top of that, people don't consider that it costs money to throw things away these days. If you have a bunch of clothes, dishes, toys, or nick-nacks that you don't want anymore, it costs money to pay for the trash tags, and it's wasteful. By donating those items you not only save money, but it's also better for the environment, and you're going to benefit the community to

Many of the volunteers find that the event strengthens friendships within the community.

"A lot of the people who work at the sale aren't members of our Church," says Bonnie Blair, former co-chair "they come because they believe in the Rummage Sale's mission. It's always nice to see them and catch up."

She adds that at the sale, "we become friends with people we may have never met otherwise; and that's a really special thing."

The Rummage Sale will be held in the Church, located at 32 Brickyard Road, on Friday, October 4, from 8am until 6pm, and on Saturday, October 5, from 8am to noon left over items will be sold at a significant discount, with clothing sold for $1 per bag.

Donations will be accepted on Sunday, September 30 from noon until 6pm, and on Monday and Tuesday from 8am to 6pm.