Village of Lansing

The Village of Lansing Board of Trustees unanimously adopted a resolution to become a Climate Smart Community Monday.  Before the vote Mayor Donald Hartill, who, two weeks ago, opposed the resolution as a "feel good resolution".  But after editing out all the 'whereas-es" in the example resolution affirming climate change and reducing emissions, Hartill proposed a stripped-down version.

"I think the real thing that needs to happen is to actually come forward with realistic, achievable, and affordable solution. Right. There's been very little that and a lot of conversation. That's really the solutions that are important.We have a sample resolution that's rather lengthy before us," Hartill said. "I would propose a rather simpler motion that the village of Lansing adopts the New York State Climate Smart Community Pledge, which comprises that list of 10 things and just very simple, straightforward, no agenda.  It's much simpler and it takes care of simply the 10 items."

The simpler resolution reads, "Hereby let be it resolved at the Village of Lansing, adopts the New York state Climate Smart Community Plan, which comprise the following 10 elements:
  1. Build a climate-smart community.
  2. Inventory emissions, set goals, and plan for climate action.
  3. Decrease energy use.
  4. Shift to clean, renewable energy.
  5. Use climate-smart materials management.
  6. Implement climate-smart land use.
  7. Enhance community resilience to climate change.
  8. Support a green innovation economy.
  9. Inform and inspire the public.
  10. Engage in an evolving process of climate action."
"That's simple enough," said Deputy Mayor/Trustee Ronny Hardaway, who supported the resolution in a lengthier discussion at the last Trustee meeting. "The rest of it's just gravy. So yeah, that way we can forget about spelling out greenhouse gasses. That's acceptable to me."

Hardaway made a motion to accept the "friendly changes" to the resolution, and to adopt it.  The Trustees voted 5-0 in favor.