fire purcell georgeScott Purcell (left) and Brad George

Brad George was elected Chief at a meeting of the Lansing Volunteer Fire Department December 3rd. George will take over the job held by retiring Fire Chief Scott Purcell for the past 16 years. George served as Purcell's Deputy Chief for the latter's entire tenure as Chief. Former Assistant Chief Todd Mix will fill the Deputy Chief position.

"I am looking forward to the challenge, hoping to carry on what Scott has done for the Department and District. I want to personally thank Chief Purcell for everything he has done for the department over the years," George said.

Each year the Fire Department elects its officers. Last week Purcell read an emotional statement to the department members after delivering his final monthly Chief's report.

"I know that apart from a handful of you I am the only Fire Chief you have known at LFD. I appreciate your support you have given me over the years and the trust you put into me. Your trust was never taken for granted, I knew that had to be continually earned every day and at every alarm. I always tried to do that for the past 16 years. I was very fortunate to have worked with some great people and to have worked for some amazing leaders in this organization over the last 35 years."

Purcell talked about department members and leaders who inspired and mentored him, including past Fire Chiefs who led the department during his tenure, including Chief Chip Oplinger, Jeff Walters, Chris Burris, and Dale Oplinger.

"My only hope is that in the last 16 years I was at least half the mentor, role model and leader as were my past Chiefs," Purcell said.

fire purcell george awards

George has fulfilled many duties in his 28 years in the department, including being instrumental in the purchase and configuration of new fire trucks and equipment. In addition to his 16 years as Deputy Chief, he has served as Lieutenant, Captain, and Assistant Chief.  Purcell concluded his statement last week with a vote of confidence for George.

"Trust me when I say I have complete confidence in Brad George running the Department as the Fire Chief," Purcell said. "He has been my only Deputy Chief and only Chief Officer working under my command for all my 16 years as Chief. If it were not for his support and broad knowledge of the fire service, I would not have been able to do the Chief's job effectively."

Left to right) Scott Purcell, Todd Mix, Brad George

The 2021 Lansing Fire Department officers are Fire Chief Brad George, Deputy Chief Todd Mix, 1st Assistant Chief Dennis Griffin, 2nd Assistant Chief Josh Nalley, and 3rd Assistant Chief Scott Walters.