Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today signed legislation (S.6532A/A.8228B) expediting party enrollment changes to make it easier for voters to participate in the upcoming primary elections. Until now, changes to party enrollment did not take effect until after the November general election, requiring voters to wait as long as a year for changes to take effect. The new law will remove the October 11 deadline and give voters until February 14 to make changes to party enrollment and still vote in the April presidential and June congressional and state primaries. The change will go into effect immediately.

"While the federal administration continues to look for new ways to disenfranchise voters across the country, in New York we are making monumental changes to break down more barriers to the ballot box and encourage more people to exercise this fundamental right," Cuomo said. "This measure will make it easier for New Yorkers to have their voices heard in presidential, congressional and state primaries, which builds upon the many reforms we've made to strengthen New York's election system and increase voter access once and for all."

Changes of enrollment made by voters after February 14 will take effect seven days after the succeeding June primary.