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New York is filing a motion to dismiss the National Rifle Association's lawsuit against New York. The lawsuit was filed on May 11 after Cuomo directed the Department of Financial Services to urge companies to weigh reputational risk of business ties to the NRA and similar organizations.

"New York we will not be intimidated by the NRA's frivolous lawsuit to advance its dangerous gun-peddling agenda," Cuomo said. "Donald Trump and Washington, DC may be bought and paid for by the NRA, but in New York we are listening to the voices of people across the nation calling for action to keep our communities safe. While the NRA tries to play the victim, New York stands with the real victims—the thousands of people whose lives are cut short by gun violence every year."

In April, Cuomo directed the Department of Financial Services to urge insurance companies, New York State-chartered banks, and other financial services companies licensed in New York to review any relationships they may have with the National Rifle Association and other similar organizations. Upon this review, the companies were encouraged to consider whether such ties harm their corporate reputations and jeopardize public safety.

The Motion to Dismiss calls for the NRA's complaint to be dismissed in its entirety and argues that the actions by the Governor and DFS to protect New Yorkers do not implicate the NRA's First Amendment Rights or deprive the NRA of any other constitutional protections.

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