mailmanLiterally months after I wrote my first letter to the editor about judicial qualifications, I learned there is an attorney running for this office on the Democratic ticket. Her name is Maura Kennedy-Smith. SO THERE IS HOPE! At least she passed the NY Bar Exam once upon a time.

After reading all of the wonderful qualities that Dick Costello possesses, I still have not seen anyone address his QUALIFICATIONS FOR A JUDICIAL OFFICE. These have nothing to do with how friendly he is. He could be the nicest guy in the world and still be lousy judge because he is NOT qualified.

This is not a PARTY issue - it's common sense. Please, please elect an attorney who has judicial experience (in this case she happens to be a Democrat with decades of experience) to fill this important position so the rule of law will prevail. This will prevent partisanship and possible discrmination in terms of how 'justice' is meted out in our community, especially in our so culturally diverse community. This issue should not be about who you know but what you know. If Ms. Kennedy-Smith is elected, the law will govern rather than if a defendant is Mr. Costello's golf buddy.

Elisabeth Hegarty
Lansing, NY