mailmanWith enthusiasm I endorse Dick Costello's candidacy for the office of Lansing Town Justice. A friend for some 30 years and a Lansing resident for some 45 years, Dick is well qualified for the position and perhaps equally important is his commitment to the Lansing community.

Dick's long-term employment at Cornell University as coach, teacher, mentor and supervisor gives testament to his administrative and communication skills, ability to effectively deal with people from all walks of life, initiative, dependability, good judgment and tact. His awards are evidence of excellence. His endorsement by many, including both the Republican and independent Parties, is indicative of his widespread support.

It is important to note that there are over 1000 justice courts in NYS and those holding the office of Town Justice come from a wide variety of professions, not unlike the esteemed and well regarded retiring Town Justice W. David Banfield. Those who do not have a law degree are trained in the law, tested, and certified to hold the position. Dick looks forward to the certification process and serving the Lansing community. He will be an excellent leader of Lansing's 'court closest to the people'.

I urge you to vote for Dick Costello for Lansing Town Justice.

My Best Regards,
Richard A. Gardner, DDS
Vero Beach, Florida
Former Lansing Resident