tennisThe 2011 Lansing Tennis team finished the regular season with two solid wins over Trumansburg and Elmira Notre Dame. Both victories came by the team score of 6-1 pushing Lansing to a perfect 10-0 for the season and clinching the IAC regular season title for the second year in a row.

The Lansing-Trumansburg match featured the two cross-town rivals as unbeaten teams vying for first place in the IAC with the eventual winner virtually guaranteed the crown.

The match was decided quite quickly as the first four matches contested went to Lansing in convincing fashion giving Lansing the 4 points needed to guarantee a victory.

The remaining 3 matches were much tighter contests with Trumansburg's Charlie Woodward notching the sole victory for his team handing Lansing it's first individual loss of the season.

Lansing stands at 10-0 for the season with a total match record of 68-2 heading into the IAC's.

Scores from the May 5th match:

Team Score: Lansing 6 - Trumansburg 1

#1 Singles: Charlie Woodward(T-Burg) def. Keenan Hughes(L) 6-3;6-3

#2 Singles: Andy Parkes (L) def. Alec Bartisevich (T-Burg) 6-3;3-6;6-2

#3 Singles: Jonathan Sun (L) def. David Puglisi (T-Burg): 6-0;6-1

#4 Singles Nick Zarate (L) def. Caitlin Crossett (T-Burg) 6-1;6-0

#1 Doubles: Thomas Bong/Luke Mehringer (L) def. Kevin van Delden/JT Swartz (T-Burg) 6-4;3-6;6-2

#2 Doubles: Josh McGiff/Andrew Bertonica (L) def. Shelby Hallman/Brian McCann (T-Burg) 6-0;6-2

#3 Doubles: Katie Jordan/Louis Barrette (L) def. Paul Kenjerska/Wes Regnier (T-Burg): 6-2; 6-1

Team Records: Lansing 9-0; Trumansburg 8-1

Scores from the May 6th match:

Team Score: Lansing 6 - Elmira Notre Dame 1

#1 Singles: Luke Deluccia (END) def. Keenan Hughes (L) 7-6;6-1

#2 Singles: Andy Parkes (L) def. Porter Weeks (END) 6-2;6-1

#3 Singles: Jonathan Sun (L) def. Ben Dawson (END) 6-0;6-4

#4 Singles Nick Zarate (L) def. Jasper Perino (END) 6-0;6-0

#1 Doubles: Thomas Bong/Luke Mehringer (L) def. Anthony Kondrk/Nick Karee (END) 6-1;6-0

#2 Doubles: Josh McGiff/Andrew Bertonica (L) def. Dylan Steed/Jacob Panyon (END) 6-0;6-0

#3 Doubles: Katie Jordan/Woojin Richardson won by forfeit (L)

Team Records: Lansing 10-0