soccer_shirt120In Lansing Adam Heck is synonymous with soccer.  Last week was a milestone for Heck as the Bobcats fought their way to a 6-0 victory against Whitney Point, making it Heck's 250th win as coach of the Lansing Boy's Varsity Soccer team.

"Last week he had his 250th win," Lansing Superintendent Chris Pettograsso told the Board of Education Monday.  "His record is 250/72/19.  The boys are doing well!"

The boys always do well under Heck's tutelage.  He has coached them to multiple undefeated regular seasons, taking them all the way to the State Championships on more than one occasion. 

Adam HeckAdam Heck

Heck has taught and coached at Lansing for about 15 years.  He was a middle school physical education teacher until 2010 when he was promoted to Athletic Director.  That is a half-time position, so Heck also teaches physical education at Lansing High School.  He is best known for soccer coaching.  Not only does he coach the varsity boy's soccer team, but he has led soccer camps via the Lansing Recreation Department every August for 15 years.  He is just as active in basketball, coaching the boy's varsity basketball team.

He is well regarded state-wide, having coached the Scholastic Central boys team in the Empire State Games.  In his first year, 2006, his team won the gold medal.  Two Lansing players, Lucas Heffron and  Adam Hardie were on that winning team.

He has also coached the Bobcats to the State Championships numerous times.  The team became NYS Sect IV Class C Champs; # 6 NYS Class C in 1998, Heck's third year as coach.  In 2000 the Bobcats were #15 NYS Class C.  The team began to heat up in 2004 when it became IAC Division & Overall Champs, NYS Section IV & Regional Class C Champs NYS Finalist, and number 2 in NYS Class C.  The next year they became IAC Division & Overall Champs, NYS Class B Champ, and in 2005 and 2006 were number 18 in NYS Class B.  In 2007 the team was IAC Division Champ, NYS Class B Section IV Champs and number 12 in NYS Class B.  In 2009 they took IAC Division again and were the  Overall Large School Champs.

The Bobcats made it to States in 2011, and again a year later.  In 2012 the Bobcats made it all the way to the finals, when they were defeated by Port Jefferson 1-0, the same team that defeated them in the semi-finals the year before.  The Bobcats was given a Sportsmanship Award, and Heck himself was named New York State Small School Coach of the Year.  He was also named Region II coach of the Year, which made him a finalist for National Coach of the Year.

The team has eight more regular games this season, starting with an away game against Groton at 4pm today (Friday, September 27).