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  April 18, 2014 Issue  
Lansing, New York  
Volume 10, Issue 14
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postheadericon Myers Park Roads Need Major Repairs

myersentrance_120Myers Park is not just a beautiful spot on Cayuga Lake.  It is used for countless activities including concerts, festivals, weddings, religious services, parties, barbecues, hiking and running, the annual fireworks, swimming, camping, boating... and that only begins to describe the popularity of the park that includes two playgrounds, a half dozen pavilions, a beach, a marina, a band stand and a historical log cabin, among other features.  Park Superintendent Steve Colt warned the Lansing Town Board Wednesday that the level of activity that grosses around mixed with weather and normal wear and tear has damaged park roads to the point where they need major repair.

"The park is going to be awesome this Spring," Colt told the Town Board.  "But I do want to say that the infrastructure of the park, the roads, themselves, are really getting rough.  That part of the infrastructure is the last big thing.  It's more than just looks.  It's functional.  We can either deal with it when it needs to be done, or face a bigger problem as it disintegrates farther."

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postheadericon Lansing Considers $100,000 Trihalomethane Fix

watertank1Lansing Supervisor Kathy Miller told the Town Board Wednesday that the level of trihalomethane in a water tank in northwest Lansing is still a problem.  Last June she informed the board that trihalomethane levels in the Emmons Road water tank were above acceptable state levels.  This week she said that Lansing's water district may face a cost of up to $100,000 to fix the problem once and for all.

"You've heard of the trihalomethane problem in Ulysses and we have one on the Emmons Road tank," she said.  "The reason we have a problem with the buildup of trihalomethanes is the water usage is not high enough, so it sits in the tank for a while.  Articles in the paper are quite sensational.  But we've been working with TG Miller and Bolton Point on how to remedy this."

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postheadericon Lansing Arts Festival Opens May 2

esfota_120May 2nd marks the fifth anniversary opening of the East Shore Festival Of The Arts (ESFOTA).  This year opening night boasts about 28 Finger Lakes artists and a wealth of music, exhibits, puzzles and food.  Organizer Robin Schuttenberg says the opening will be bigger this year, including all the buildings in the Town Hall Complex.  More than 100 pieces will hang in the Town Hall and the Lansing Community Library until June 21.

"We have some really different stuff this year, a lot of abstracts," she says.  "Really big ones from new artists, new to the festival.  We are striving to be the venue for the person who has never done a show before, to feel comfortable enough to take that big step -- allowing someone to critique your work and say it is in or out.  We have several new artists, and some returning artists."

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postheadericon Exciting Times For The Lansing Community Library

lcl_library-entry120This year has been full of popular programs and new initiatives for the Lansing Community Library (LCL).  As patron numbers continue to rise, so does the buzz in the community about the wonderful opportunities and resources that exist at LCL.

The library recently launched it’s first-ever logo contest.  The winning design, which will be featured on LCL newsletters, its website, and T-shirts, will be selected by the trustees and announced at the upcoming annual meeting April 28th.  Nearly 40 children and adults participated, submitting designs on the cover of blank books that depict what comes to their minds when they think of our local library.

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postheadericon Veterans and Community Members Run In Lansing

rao_logoThe weather was warm and sunny Saturday, rare for a Spring that wants to wallow in Winter.  That worked perfectly for Team RWB (Red, White & Blue), which held a 'Run As One' event on Lansing Center Trail.  A combination of 25 veterans and civilian community members ran two laps around the mile and a half trail.  Army veteran and Ithaca Team RWB member Jase Baese organized the event.

"It's social, community service and athletic events to help veterans reintegrate with their community after returning from service overseas.," he says.  "Team RWB is a national non-profit.  Our goal is to enrich the lives of America's veterans by connecting them with their community through athletic and social events and community service."

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postheadericon Scale House Adds Beer Brewing Capacity

scalehouse_120Pubs are a dime a dozen, but brew-pubs are special.  They have a cachet that makes them stand out because you get to drink the beer in the place where it was brewed.  For the past six years the Scale House Brew Pub has offered beer on tap, served directly from the tanks behind the bar.  Now owner Steve Fazzary is taking it to the next level.  Until now his pub-made beer has been brewed from a limited selection of extracts.  Now Fazzary has installed a 2 barrel pilot plant for all grain brewing that may be the start of a major expansion for the restaurateur.

"With the all grain system we can diversify," he says. "We can tweak, mix, come up with our own formulas and tastes and color.  It's going to be a huge boost for us here.  We're going to keep the extract beers that we already make, but we're going to add a minimum of three and possibly six more beers on tap.  And down the road for retail."

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