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dearmargaretDear Margaret: Simply put, my fiancée is extremely jealous. If I smile at a grocery clerk, make small talk with another man at a cocktail party, receive a text (yes, he checks my texts on my cell phone) from a male coworker, in his mind I'm belittling him, and I'm responsible for harming our relationship. I love this man and don't know how to reassure him that I have no intentions of wandering outside of the bounds of our relationship. I don't understand why he feels like he can't trust me and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Can you give some perspective and advice?
Help with Jealousy
Dear Help with Jealousy: You are being told you are responsible for hurting your relationship, intentionally belittle him, and he reads your private communications. Does this really sound like your problem, or his? When you think about these things, do you really feel at fault? If you follow through with this marriage, can you feel assured that you can comfortably live with constant accusations of extramarital affairs? It sounds like a good time to seek premarital counseling and know what a healthy relationship looks like. Your behavior appears to be well within normal limits. You may need to make a difficult choice for the sake of your emotional health.

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