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According to Covid Act Now New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut are the only three states on track to contain COVID-19. The site tracks four indicators: Are COVID cases decreasing?; Are we testing enough?; Are our hospitals ready?; and Are we tracing fast enough? The site found that New York infection rate is decreasing, has a positive test rate, can likely handle a second wave, and does enough tracing to help contain the virus.

"New York State is one of only three states that are on track to contain the COVID-19 according to a study by Covid Act Now. We went from one of the highest infection rates to one of the lowest and we did it by making decisions based on the science, the data and the facts - not on politics," said NY Governor Andrew M. Cuomo Tuesday.

Cuomo announced a week ago that he would issue an Executive Order strengthening state enforcement during the phased reopening to protect New Yorkers and ensure business compliance. Businesses that violate the reopening rules and guidelines are subject to immediate loss of their liquor license and a shutdown order. The Governor also announced he will issue an Executive Order to expand the enforcement areas of the State Liquor Authority by giving bars responsibility for the area immediately outside their locations.

The Governor also announced the State will issue guidance to colleges and universities to allow some in person instruction and on-campus housing and for the fall semester. Campuses must develop a plan, which attests to meeting the guidance and file plans with the State.

The study says, "On average, each person in New York with COVID is infecting 0.84 other people. Because each person is infecting less than one other person, the total number of current cases in New York is shrinking."

"New York is finally coming back and I can't stress enough how important it is that we don't blow this incredible progress now," Cuomo said. "To all New Yorkers - wear a mask, get tested, socially distance, wash your hands and be smart."

Covid Act Now is a multidisciplinary team of technologists, epidemiologists, health experts, and public policy leaders who provide disease intelligence and data analysis on COVID-19 in the US.

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