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The Town of Lansing was formed in 1817. Enjoy these fun facts about Lansing:

The Cargill Salt Mine opened in 1919
The area known as South Lansing used to be called Libertyville
Rogue's Harbor Inn was built in 1830 by Samuel Kelsey for General D.D. Minier
Place names in the Town of Lansing include Asbury, Buck Corners, Dublin Corners, East Lansing, Head Corners, Howland Corners, Howser Corners, Lake Ridge, Lansing Station, Lansingville, Ludlowville, McKinneys, Midway, Munson Corners, Myers, Norten, No
Matt Christopher, one of the most prolific authors of sports books in the world, was from Lansing
Ludlowville was originally settled by Silas, Henry, and Thomas Ludlow in 1791
Ludlowville was a commercial center with sawmills, gristmills, a store, post office, and churches
Lansingville was originally known as Teetertown
Lansing, NY spans 60.7 square miles, more than 25 square miles more than Lansing, MI. But the Michigan Lansing had 108607 more residents in the 2000 census.
Lansing's Cargill Salt Mine is the deepest salt mine in the United States

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