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Congressman Tom Reed voiced concern Thursday over national reports and constituent outreach regarding delays in United States Postal Service (USPS) deliveries, substantial USPS operational changes, and staffing reductions. Reed called on Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to provide Congress and the public with specific details on:

  • What changes or pilot programs the USPS has enacted
  • What steps are being taken to ensure these changes do not delay the delivery of mail or the Post Office's capacity to perform essential services
  • How these new policies will impact customers and postal workers

"Given mounting public confusion and misinformation, policymakers need to know immediately the extent of recent operational changes to the USPS and what is being done to prevent mail delays during this uncertain time, said Reed. "We should all want to help set the record straight and ensure the USPS and its postal carriers have the financial resources they need to carry out their mission and continue serving our communities. Improving the Postal Service's financial solvency and boosting USPS efficiency is an appropriate goal with bipartisan support, but achieving those goals can't come at the expense of New Yorkers who rely on the USPS to continue delivering packages, medicine, and other critical items in a timely fashion."

Reed has been a vocal supporter of the Post Office and constituents' access to affordable mail services. Last year, Reed led the introduction of the USPS Fairness Act. The bipartisan legislation would end unfair pre-funding mandate for the USPS, improve the Post Office's long-term financial health, and address many of the most pressing economic problems facing the USPS. The bill was endorsed by the Problem Solvers Caucus and postal stakeholders including business and labor.

Reed has also consistently supported and cosponsored bipartisan resolutions that support:

  • Six-day delivery
  • Maintaining USPS service standards
  • Door to door delivery
  • The prevention of the privatization of the USPS

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