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mailmanI read your article dated January 5th,2018. I am of low income. I currently live in Trumansburg with my boyfriend but I had applied for an apartment at the income based property by the trailer park. I was on the waiting list for a couple of years in fact I moved up to the top of the list but was dropped back down to 6th postion for whatever reason that could not be explained to me.

So when my name moved back to the top I was given 24 hours notice to go and look at the apartment but because I had to work the day of I was told I was no longer eligible for the apartment.My daughter and I lost everything we owned when we had to rent an apartment from a shady slumlord near rascals which is now yet another empty bar.

My boyfriend's family actually owned the decriptid bar that you spoke of in your article. They are a family that vote down the low income housing.

I have been trying to get a place of my own so that I can enjoy life and be me and not looked down upon as being someone less than the dirt under their feet. I cant afford to get an apartment in Tompkins county. I work full time and yet I cant even have an apartment of my own because I just cant afford it so here I stay at 53 years old -- I walk on eggshells every day not being abused physically but not being able to really enjoy life either.

Why do people that have money want to keep others that struggle down in the gutter? I believe that's what you call being selfish and greedy. I want to have a place to leave my granddaughters, a place they know they can always go home to and know that its theirs and that they are safe there that no one can take it from them. I don't ask for much in life in fact that's all I want out of life is a home of my own so that I have something to leave my granddaughters.I save but I don't get any closer to getting a home. I don't understand why the people of Tburg is ok with the grass roots festival but they aren't trying to help keep the people that live here here and happy.

Lisa Goodie
Trumansburg, NY
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