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mailmanHave you ever noticed that Congressman Tom Reed seems to "care deeply" about the folks in the 23rd district around this same time every two years. Reed is bought and paid for by out-of-state PACS and deep-pocket donors to the tune of $millions. Ask yourself, who do does Reed really care about; the hard working people here at home or that private equity real estate investor living in Dallas, Texas who gave his campaign over $10,000 this year alone? Tracy Mitrano has pledge to not take corporate PAC money.

This past June, Reed's campaign spent almost $12,000 to wine and dine donors at a fundraiser held at a Washington DC restaurant. I wonder if when he was schmoozing for dollars if he thought at all about so many of his constituents who must rely on help from a food pantry or SNAP benefits just so they can provide a decent meal for their family?

It's time that we moved away from Reed's self-serving agenda and gutter politics. We can make a change in November. Tracy Mitrano is that change.

Steve Beikirch
Prattsburgh, NY
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