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mailmanI read with interest Dan Veaner's Opinion piece (Nov. 30) on the Lansing Rod and Gun Club lead shot issue and agree that it would be good to hear from club members. I think that many Lansing residents would like to work with the members of the Lansing Rod and Gun Club (LRGC) in its effort to resolve the current EPA requirement to stop adding toxic lead shot to the Salmon Creek watershed. I would think that many LRGC members want to be good neighbors, good stewards of our environment, and continue to be a valuable recreational opportunity for the community.

Rather than pursue the current plan to extend the land areas being used for trap shooting with lead shot which is damaging to wildlife and water quality, and causing great and understandable distress to the adjacent homeowners, why not stop using lead shot by switching to steel shot? Why not stop putting 2 tons of lead each year into the Lansing hillside, make the change to steel shot as so many other clubs are doing, and then work with the community in making a serious attempt to remediate the lead that has accumulated over the past 60+ years next to Salmon Creek?

One step the club might take would be to work with the community in making application for a U.S. Environmental Protection (EPA) Bownfields Program Grant for 2019. The EPA has issued a Request for Proposals which are due January 31st, 2019. These grants are offered by the EPA Brownfields Program and can be used to address sites contaminated by, or perceived to be contaminated by hazardous substances, pollutants, or contaminants. The grants provide funding to conduct a range of eligible assessment and cleanup activities at one or more "brownfield" sites in a target area. These multi-purpose grants are available up to $800,000.

I believe that most of us would like to work with our fellow Lansing citizens on matters like this, instead of fighting all the time.

Donna Scott
Lansing, NY
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