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mailmanOn October 17, 2018, the Lansing Town Code and Enforcement Officer granted a permit to the Lansing Rod and Gun Club (LRGC) to expand their trap shooting ranges by creating another trap shooting range to the north side of Salmon Creek on 4.5 acres of wooded hillside. As a result of this permit's being granted, I have many questions.

How and why could the Town have allowed our Gun Club to construct this new trap range so close to the neighboring house, and just upstream from so many other neighbors in Ludlowville?

How has the Town evaluated the health and safety impacts of their decision on the neighbors? How has the Town followed our laws intended to protect our environment and the health and safety of our citizens?

The Gun Club reported to the EPA that they shoot 100,000 rounds of lead shot per year, or close to 3 tons of lead per year. This has been going into the Creek and surrounding wetlands. With the addition of a new range, the Club will now be putting 3 tons into an additional area, a hillside near Salmon Creek.

The neighbors are the ones who will be especially exposed to the lead dust and the continued addition of lead into the ground around Salmon Creek. Lead is poisonous to human and animal life. Lead in the ground becomes a toxic waste.

Why are we adding another toxic waste area to our community? Who will clean it up? Didn't we all learn in kindergarten to clean up our own messes? How has the Town considered the cost to taxpayers, like me, who will bear the economic burden of the eventual cleanup?

Something is not right here.

The community and the Gun Club need to work together to find a solution that addresses the concerns of all of us.

Suzanne Hinderliter
Lansing, NY

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