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mailmanCongratulations Tom the Republicans Party's effort to destroy the USPS is going according to plan. I am attempting to get my passport renewed which I sent in 11 days ago via priority mail. It should have arrive 8 days ago but is still IN transit. It is very obvious that the Republican Party is trying to destroy USPS to disrupt the upcoming elections but is also targeting Social Security, Medicare and all programs that don't benefit the 1%. By the way attacking the Governor of NY State considering what your party is doing to healthcare and all other social services reflects your totally degaussed moral compass.

The response I got back from you is a standard none response to the USPS issue, talk of “doing something” but no real action. The whole issue of what is going on with both Social Security and Medicare was totally avoided. Try dealing with real people and doing something about what is important to other than your rich donors.

sullivan reed letter

James E Sullivan
Pahoa, HI, and Lansing, NY
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