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lansing football lehr

Math and sports wizards out there, what is meant by this sequence of numbers: FOOTBALL: 6, 8, 9, 11?

It tallies the options for high school football teams participation. NYS apparently has options open for teams to participate in 6,8,9 or the typical 11-man football programs.  For our local football fans, there will be some new formations observed with your Lansing Bobcats 8-man football team. That's 8 players (vs. 11) on offense and defense.

Head coach Brett Hotchkiss with assistants Matt Hartz and John Winslow bring a lot of energy and football knowledge to the ranks. Without question there looms a big learning curve for this years strategies. The coaches decision to take part in the 8-man competition for the next couple of years keeps Lansing football alive and well. Based on the roster numbers below 20 players it only makes sense to explore the options and acclimate to the necessary modifications. One reason for the lower turnout is the small overall Junior and Senior class sizes.

Normally a scrimmage may not be so newsworthy. Based on this significant transition it is noted that Lansing took part in a five team scrimmage last weekend in Oxford. I'll just leave the reader ponder the words of the couple cheering for Sherburne-Earlville (or was it the Cooperstown folks) sitting behind us that said "wow, that Lansing team looks pretty exciting".

First game is Friday 9/14 at Elmira Notre Dame. Followed by a Friday 9/21 home game vs. Newfield. Altogether there are six scheduled games. Unadilla Valley and Oxford make up the two other opponents in this Section IV 8-man division. Home and away games vs. END and Newfield comprise the six currently scheduled games. Unfortunately two Rochester area teams dropped out of the division very recently. The playoffs would be looking at 11/2 – 11/10 time frames possibly.

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