dearmargaretDear Margaret: My neighbor and I had a run in. She became enraged when I quit the small, volunteer organization that she headed and lambasted me in front of the group. It was hurtful and embarrassing. After thinking about it, I too became angry, called her up the next day, and told her she was a Witch with a capital B. The problem is, we have small children that go to school together and, living in a small community, I will run into her often. I'm embarrassed that I let my own temper get the best of me. I don't want to go back to the friendly relationship we had, but I don't want to feel sheepish whenever I see her. How can I make this a win/win so that our children can play together?
Embarrassed by Behavior

Dear Embarrassed by Behavior: You were certainly well within your rights to bow out of a volunteer organization regardless of the reason. Your neighbor was out of line to publicly strike out against you. You already know your response was harsh. Apologize to her for your part in retaliating in the way that you did, but you do not owe her an apology for pulling out of her group. A phone call or handwritten note sincerely expressing regret for your response is in order. Be aware that she may not reciprocate. You can then hold your head high knowing you've made amends for your own burst of anger. Do continue to let the children associate with each other, but don't pull them into the disagreement.

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