Lansing High School

Lansing High School got an excellent grade last week when this year's U.S.News & World Report rankings were released.  The school received a ranking of 686 high schools nation-wide.

"That's a high number until you realize it's out of 22,000 high schools," said Lansing School Superintendent Chris Pettograsso at a Board of Education meeting last week.  "I got a lot of phone calls on this because Lansing was highlighted for the County.  We were ranked 70th for the state out of almost 1,300 high schools."

Lansing scored particularly high for its consistent 95% graduation rate, and for high test scores in English and mathematics.  With 53% participation in Advanced Placement courses, 94% of Lansing students passed, and 95% passed the AP tests.  Lansing also scored a high 88.5% of disadvantaged students who achieved proficiency or higher on state exams.  Lansing scored 50.8 out of 100 in college readiness.

The rankings are based on state-required test scores, performance of disadvantaged students, graduation rate, and college readiness.

"Congratulations to, really, our entire school community, and in particular our high school staff," Pettograsso said.