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On a cool and clear Friday morning, workers from the Parks and Recreation Department planted nearly a dozen trees at Myers Park. The trees, obtained by a beautification grant from Tompkins County, replaced willows that had died over the last decade.

The work crew, consisting of Patrick Tyrrell, John Howe, and Wayne Straw along with Katrina Binkewicz, planted nine River Birch Trees along the shoreline of Salmon Creek. With each tree weighing over 1,000 pounds, the workers used great caution and gently lowered each plant into its new home. Local residents who walk in the park on a regular basis welcomed the new trees and expressed their gratitude to the town for maintaining the natural beauty of Myers Park.

River Birch will anchor the riverbank, provide habitat for birds and other animals, and will shade the next generation of park visitors and devoted fishing folk.

Having finished that project, the workers moved operations to the lighthouse area and planted two flowering crab apple trees. As the sun moved higher in the sky, more seasonal temperatures warmed the hearts of the crew as they finished planting the last of the trees. By noon, the trees were planted, the backhoe was returned to the garage, and the park looked like the jewel we all expect.

Future plans include a paved walk from the marina to the lighthouse.

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