reed transitionteam1Tom Reed (NY-23) pictured far left, a vice chair on the presidential transition team, is pictured with other members of the transition team during a press conference held by Vice President Elect and Transition Team Chair Mike Pence to recap the team's efforts. (From L to R): Representative Tom Reed (NY-23), HUD Secretary Nominee and Former Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson, Representative Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Senator and Nominee for Attorney General Jeff Sessions (R-AL).

As President-Elect took office, Congressman Tom Reed expressed his optimism for President Trump's Administration and renewed his calls for bipartisanship.

"We care about listening to the people from our district as we go through the major changes in the coming year," said Reed. "We have an unprecedented opportunity for a meaningful fresh start, and the ability to reach across the aisle to make impactful positive changes for the people around our region. We want to make sure they are included in this process."

Reed went on to outline his policy priorities, highlighting opportunities to work with the incoming Administration and his role as Vice Chair on the Trump Transition Team. "I think the economic message from the White House is clear. We need to let the world know that America is open for business. We need to attract international investment and bring U.S. companies back from overseas. We can do just that by reforming our tax code, making it simple, fair and competitive," said Reed.

The federal tax code has not been overhauled comprehensively since 1986 but has been named as a top priority of the House.

Reed also addressed the need for bipartisan healthcare reform. "We've heard from people throughout our region who have lost healthcare because of the Affordable Care Act, or those who can no longer afford their premiums because of new mandates. Obamacare is wreaking havoc in rural communities by limiting access and driving costs up," said Reed.

The House passed a measure late last week which is the first step in the repeal and replace process. "We have a lot of great ideas to help get costs under control, but it is critical that we have this discussion with an open mind and listen to the American people while we develop the consensus we need to get a replacement package in place," Reed added.

Reed also reiterated his support for popular Obamacare provisions including guaranteed coverage for those with pre-existing conditions and expanded coverage for children up to age 26.

"We are optimistic that as we have a fresh start, we can develop consensus and get to work for the American people," Reed concluded.