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mailmanWhile the editor is correct that it is easy to second guess the authorities after the fact, the public has a right to express their views on this tragedy. However, the pejorative term used in that editorial, 'the Danby Shootout', hardly applies to a situation in which, to my knowledge, only one warning shot was fired by Mr. Cady.

Similarly, the sheriff may not have used “deadly physical force” against him, but it may have been excessive force.  In my opinion, more of a siege strategy may have been more effective by allowing more time to reason with him.  Having his house torn down around him must have been stressful to the extreme and may have pushed him over the edge to commit suicide.

Also, the amount of law enforcement manpower and equipment used in this standoff did not seem to be commensurate with any significant danger to the general public. Be that as it may, what’s done is done, and I look forward to the independent review of the incident.

Richard Durst
Koefering, Germany

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