mailmanWe applaud the Town for its plans to create a new pathways reserve that would be used for future support of non-motorized paths in Lansing. Our community has shown high support for the development of our current paths, which were built with volunteer time and resident donations.

Although the Lansing Pathways Committee that built the current trails is no longer an appointed Town Committee, it chose to contribute the balance of Committee funds totaling about $5000 contributed to the committee by the community to the Town for use by the Town to benefit trails. These funds were then used to purchase a Town mower for use in maintaining the current Town trails.

Establishing a reserve for future paths will be a great step in addressing the expressed resident desire for paths in the Comprehensive Plan survey where 70% expressed desire for forms of walking, biking, hiking paths. As three of the founding members of the original Lansing Pathways Committee we want to thank the Town for taking steps to plan for future community trails as desired by our current residents and to the many volunteers who have supported the path development efforts thus far!

Maureen Cowen
Ruth Hopkins
Roger Hopkins
Lansing, NY