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dearmargaretDear Margaret: I have an employee that hoards his work. He completes it, but the problem is that he won't distribute it or train anyone else to do it. When he goes on vacation or is out sick no one can complete the work for him. I've discussed this with him many times and he ignores my requests. He is a good employee otherwise, and I don't want to let him go. How can I make this a win/win?
Workplace Hoarder
Dear Workplace Hoarder: Your employee most likely feels that by not distributing the workload and refusing to cross train other employees he is giving himself job security. I hope you are documenting the instances of your requests to him and giving him deadlines for completion. Training other employees is just as much a work task as any other responsibility. A 'good employee' does not get to pick and choose what responsibilities he wants to complete, and you may need to deal with this accordingly. Give your employee a deadline for completion of cross training, with specific details, and let him know the consequences of not complying. A win/win may be his compliance, or letting him go.

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