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dearmargaretMy partner get along famously for the most part. I couldn't ask for a better companion and lover. I feel a bit selfish even bringing this up, but his practicality drives me crazy. His imagination is almost non-existent. This is such a source of frustration for me. He budgets every penny, will make a spreadsheet for the most ridiculous things, and wouldn't consider buying something that is frivolous. I love this guy and don't want this trait to interfere with our relationship. How can I get him to loosen up?
Disapproving Friend

Dear Sick of Steadiness: Your partner sounds like he has a typical engineer's personality. I'm sure you've experienced the flip side of his personality. I'm betting he is a source of stability and security for you. A rudder for you, if you will, in times of distress. Everyone has a creative side. It's the way we're built. His creative side might take the form of imagining solutions to problems in ways others couldn't possibly think of. What you think of as a lack of imagination is most likely simply different from yours or what you'd expect. Unless he's changed from when you first met him, his steadiness was probably at one time something you admired. It doesn't sound like he's flawed. We need practical people in this world. If he's stifling your creative urges, that's another story. Keep your own brand of imagination active as it's probably the perfect complement to his personality.

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