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Stanley 'Stosh' BurkeStanley 'Stosh' Burke (center) was honored Wednesday Mary Burke (left) holds a framed resolution that was presented by Councilman Doug Dake (right)

Stan 'Stosh' Burke was honored Wednesday at the October Lansing Town Board meeting when the Town Board unanimously passed a resolution acknowledging his military service and lifelong participation in the Lansing community.  A lifelong Lansing resident, born in Ludlowville in 1932.  Burke was a US Marine in the Korean war.  Councilman Doug Dake read the resolution aloud before presenting a framed copy of it to Burk.

"I knew Stan and I want to thank Marion George for bringing up his name, as well as Gus Isaacs, as distinguished citizens of Lansing that not only fought in the Korean War, but also World War II," Dake said. "They are part of the greatest generation.  Our right to speak freely now is partly their doing."

Burke enlisted in the Marines in 1949.  He was a 50 caliber Machine Gunner with the 1st Marine Division, who fought in the battle of Chosin Reservoir in the Korean War.  In December of 1950 Burke was declared MIA, and was a POW for 32 months.  In October of 1953 he was honorably discharged with a Purple Heart and returned home to Lansing.

Burke worked at Milliken Station (now the Cayuga Power Plant) for 32 years as an electrician, after which he served as the Town of Lansing's Code Enforcement Officer for approximately a decade.  He and his wife Mary raised a daughter and two sons in Lansing.

A plaque commemorating Burke's service will be placed in Ludlowville Park. 

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