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mooretrees qatar2004The Moores sent the first tree to Qatar in 2004Lansing United Methodist Church teens Aubryn Neubert and Morgan Wilcox were at Moore's Tree Farm this week to pack five Christmas trees that were mailed to US troops in South Korea and Qatar. They stuffed the packages with letters and decorations written and made by other LUMC high school juniors and seniors.

Richard and Kay Moore started selling christmas trees in 1978. Now they sell an average of four to five thousand trees a year, many of which are sold to people who want to cut down their own tree. The coup0le are retired teachers: Richard taught information technology in the hospitality industry at the Hotel School at Cornell, and Kay taught 7th and 8th grade math at Lansing High School. They sent their first Christmas Tree to Nick Graham, their son Jason's former college roommate who had worked on the tree farm during college and was stationed with the Airforce in Qatar. They have been sending trees to troops ever since.

mooretrees Aubryn Neubert Morgan WilcoxAubryn Neubert and Morgan Wilcox address the 5 boxes after packing them with Christmas trees and stuffing them with letters and hand made decorations made by the LUMC junior and senior high youth
Moore Tree Farm is one of 450 growers and retailers in 25 US states that send Christmas trees to troops stationed at over 70 bases in the US and abroad. 225,319 free, farm-grown Christmas Trees have been provided to troops and military families in the United States and overseas since 2005 by individual tree farmers through Trees for Troops. The Moores mail the trees via the US Postal Service.

This years five trees were mailed to bases in South Korea (Osan & Kunsan), and to the General Officer that commands US military operations for the Middle East region and both the Iraq/Syria and Afghanistan conflicts, based at Al Udied Air Base, Qatar.

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