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Reed Visits Ithaca AirportCongressman Tom Reed (center) with Tompkins County Acting Legislature Chairman Mike Sigler (left) and airport manager Mike Hall

Congressman Tom Reed was in the Village of Lansing Thursday to tour the Ithaca-Tompkins International Airport.  Yesterday was the 'after' tour following Reed's 'before' tour last August, when he viewed the airport expansion while it was under construction and highlighted a $10 million federal investment in the project.

"Obviously it was a great partnership between us at the federal level and our state partners and local investors," Reed said. "When you see public money being deployed, like General Hall has done, here is exactly what it's all about. This is improving the community, providing access to our great area and exposing it to the world in a first-class way."

Airport Manager Mike Hall showed Reed the improvements on both sides of the security line.  Reed took some time to talk to the federal TSA employees, asking them how they were liking the new facility.  Hall explained some upcoming changes to Reed, notably a plan to move the control tower, and explained how new digital changes to aircraft control technology are making service to Ithaca faster and better managed.

Reed with TSAReed spent time talking to federal TSA agents yesterday

"It's exciting coming back here," Reed said. "To see the 'pre', when it was all under construction, and then see the final product. It really does speak volumes for itself. People should come out and take a look at the airport and be proud of it.  It is a welcoming sight and a welcome first impression to the community. "

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