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Senator Pam Helming today announced that she has produced a virtual Capitol tour, available HERE.This tour is also available on her Facebook page and website at Each year, Senator Helming hosts numerous local school groups and residents from the area for tours of the State Capitol in Albany. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many tours have been cancelled.

“Our state has a rich history and it is important that we appreciate it and share it with the next generation. Learning about our past is important to charting our path forward. While the current pandemic prevents large group tours, there are still opportunities to learn more about New York and its history. It is important to educate ourselves and our young people about our history and the role we can have in shaping our future by getting involved in the legislative process. Leaders like President Theodore once walked the very halls of the State Capitol and went on to change our nation's history,” said Helming

Construction of the New York State Capitol was completed in 1899. According to its official history, “it was admired by many as one of the most beautiful buildings in America and ridiculed by some as a vast and expensive boondoggle. But no one could deny that it was unique.”

“I am hopeful that everyone enjoys this tour. Parents who are homeschooling and educators who are teaching remotely may wish to take advantage of this resource and share it with their students. In addition to this video, there are a number of helpful teaching tools on my website, including a quiz on our state's history and information on how a bill becomes a law,” Helming said.

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