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Camping at Myers Park and all Lansing Recreation programs are closed until further notice.  Parks & Recreation Supervisor Patrick Tyrrell had previously hoped to be able to open the park camping area for Memorial Day, but at Wednesday's Town Board meeting he said that rules governing the COVID-19 lockdown have prevented opening the camping area at this time.  Councilmember Joseph Wetmore noted that refunds have been issued to people who had made camping reservations, and Tyrrell said that no new reservations are being accepted until he knows for sure that camping will be permitted. 

"We have shut down our (online) reservation system for now until we can actually know for sure that we're going to open June 1st," he said. "Until that changes, until we hear from the Health Department and we have our permit in hand, we're going to leave that down for now."

Tyrrell said that the Town has received the OK to open bathrooms at the park.  That includes permanent bathroomsas well as portable ones typically placed at locations in the park.

"I did find out we are able to put in Porta-Johns, we will be opening restrooms probably during the days, either later or probably later next week at this point," he said. "We'll be sanitizing them four times a day for our procedure policy that we had to send to the Health Department."

LaVigne noted that all the summer Recreation Department programs have also been cancelled.
"Our camping is closed, and same thing with our programs," he said. "Those are self-funded. They're usually funded by the the fee that we charge for theme, so they're not losing a revenue stream, We love to have those rec programs there. We simply don't know what social distancing will do in the future. If those programs are allowed to come back on schedule, let's say for June or July and we don't know if a lot of the parents are will be comfortable having their kids come back, even if it is allowed. Those are things we have to wait and see."

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