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Geneva - Senator Pam Helming has been working with numerous local small businesses and job-creators over the last month to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses across our entire region and economy have been negatively impacted by this pandemic and must be given the necessary support to get our economy off the ground and allow people to return to work.

"Since taking office and becoming the Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Economic Development and Small Business, I have worked to address the challenges that small businesses and farms face every single day. In the midst of COVID-19, with many businesses forced to limit their operations or close altogether, these challenges have significantly increased. As we work tirelessly to help our unemployed workers, we must also help our job-creating small businesses, including the Main Street and seasonal businesses, that employ them," Helming said.

Helming is calling for the establishment of a $890 million Small Business Emergency Assistance Fund for the State of New York. The $890 million would come from state settlement funds that are currently earmarked for use during economic uncertainty. The monies would be distributed by the state through grants, loans and emergency assistance relief to New York State small businesses impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.

Helming has also introduced legislation (S.8249), with companion legislation to be carried by Assemblyman Finch, that would exclude claims for unemployment insurance, arising as a result of an employer closing a business because of COVID-19, from an employer's experience rating charges.

"We are all in this together. Strong businesses mean strong communities. The success of small business, agriculture and tourism are necessary to our region and critical to our economy. I have worked with my colleagues on the local, state and federal levels to assist local job creators, but we must do more. We must give our small businesses a fighting chance at remaining viable so they can continue to employ our friends and neighbors," Helming said.

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