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GOSSIP by Marie Sirakos
is a witty comedy about life in a small town and the modern post divorce world. Lousha is trying to move on with her life with her new boyfriend, but when she discovers a box of her ex husband's belongings, she finds that getting rid of it is not so easy. Directed by Addie Walsh; Performed by Holly Adams, Michelle Foytek, Miranda Libkin, Danny Makali'I Mittermeyer, Joey Steinhagen, and Kit Wainer. (May 25; June 4, 7, 10) [MATURE LANGUAGE]


is a whimsical journey through a world of reincarnation, hospitalization, and some serious mother issues. Tybalt is a struggling artist beset on all sides by his crazy mother, a nasty teddy bear and an identity crisis that is truly mythical. Directed by Jesse Bush; Associate Director Melissa Thompson; Performed by Robert J. De Luca, Paul Hansom, Daniel J. Kiely, Camilla Schade and Casey William Sweeney. (May 26, 28; June 3, 8) [MATURE LANGUAGE AND THEME]

GET OFF by T. Paul McCabe -- Winner of the 2005 Jean Kennedy-Smith Playwriting Award Everyone has plans for their lives. Even knock-around, beer chugging, real-man guy Jack had plans for the future. But when a fall from a tree changes everything, his life becomes a fast moving avalanche of depression and addiction. Nothing will ever be the same. With his health aide Laura's encouragement, Jack finds acceptance and a new plan for his new future. Playwright Paul McCabe brings Jack to life with ferocious anger and heart wrenching pathos. [Supported with funding by Franziska Racker Centers]. Directed by George Sapio; Performed by Jessica Flood, Peter Gray, Daniel J. Kiely, Kirsten Kollender and Jade Rothman. (May 27; June 2, 9, 11) [MATURE LANGUAGE AND THEME]
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