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By Dr. Parley Speake

POSTPONED UNTIL A LATER DATE: Underbelly, Texas, got a freak snowstorm one night in February. Roads soon became impassable due to three inches of snow and deep drifts of bald-tired pickup trucks. KBUL, the Voice of Bedspring Tech in nearby Los Libidos, announced the closing of Lengua Loco County schools.

At the Institute for the Linguistically Impaired, we were glad to hear that Holy Mother of Retribution’s confirmation class was postponed until a later date. As was the same class at Our Lady of Loving Disapproval in Underbelly.

Those of us who could get to work at the Institute sardonically agreed that a later date was probably a good idea. Postponed until an earlier date might have caused problems, right?

“Yes, in the temporal lobe,” said Nurse Sotto Voce.


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