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dRachEmUsiK Hong WaltzerdRachEmUsiK. photo by Hong Waltzer

Nationally-known electronic musician dRachEmUsiK (Charles Shriner) will perform at the Sacred Root Kava Bar in Ithaca at 8 PM on April 18. Appearing with Charles will be Robert Dorschel, an electronic multi-instrumentalist from Syracuse, NY, and Ithaca electro-improvisers DFLT (Jim Spitznagel and Tom Bruce).

Charles Shriner has been a full-time musician for over 45 years. During that time, he’s worked as a composer, arranger, session player and instrumentalist touring with numerous internationally-known performers. His compositions, sound design, and work as a sound artist have been featured in museums, public art installations, planetariums, video games, films, theater works and dance troupes. Notable projects include the Indianapolis Children’s Museum’s Dinosphere exhibit -- winner of an American Museum Association award -- and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s permanent art installation “Flight Paths”. A leader in the electro-music scene, Charles frequently collaborates with other artists in the experimental electro-acoustic and communities.

Robert Dorschel, an eclectic multi-instrumentalist from Syracuse, NY, creates detailed melodic soundtracks, theatrical sound designs, and synth-based compositions for live performance. Haunted by failure in his college “Piano for Non-Music Majors” class, he plays “Chopsticks” for a few hours each night while chuckling quietly to himself. He frequently appears at American electro-music festivals.

DFLT is the improvisational electro-music project of James Spitznagel (Electric Golem) and Tom Bruce. Individually and together, they’ve brought their unique style of evolving, fluid glitch to audiences at electro-music festivals, and on the Internet via

The ElectroZone is Ithaca’s hub for electronic musicians, offering music, performance opportunities, and education to the community monthly.

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