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canaan Atlantic Crossing
Brooktondale - Atlantic Crossing will present a house concert at The Canaan Institute on Fri Sept 6th 2019 beginning at 7:00 pm followed by a jam session. The musicians from Atlantic Crossing play New England Roots music from Vermont and the USA. 

Viveka Fox (fiddle, percussion), Rick Klein (guitar, vocals), Peter Macfarlane (fiddle, low whistles, mandolin, foot percussion, vocals) make up the band.

Whether rocking the dance floor at a New England contra dance hall, or painting for a rapt concert audience a musical interpretation of local history, or striking a perfectly joyous note at a wedding celebration, Atlantic Crossing have for over two decades been a favorite band in Vermont. Their music, the traditional music of New England, is deeply rooted in the Celtic British Isles and in French & Maritime Canada, and their arrangements reveal a profound love of these traditions, together with a high level of creativity and emotional expression, all delivered with a healthy dose of fun.

With a reputation as an in-demand contra dance band, Atlantic Crossing have toured widely in the USA and beyond, and have played at many of the major dance series as well as at festivals and dance weekends across the nation.

Atlantic Crossing are among a small number of musicians bringing to life the locally archived field recordings of traditional ballads, made by Helen Hartness Flanders in the early-mid 20th Century. And their own compositions, whether ballads relating local historical events or dance tunes destined to become new classics, spring forth effortlessly, inspired and informed by immersion in these traditions.

For many years they were listed on Vermont Arts Council's juried register of the state's best performing artists, and in 2007 their exploration of the history of Lake Champlain through music earned them the designation 'American Masterpiece Artists' by the Arts Council and Vermont Folklife Center. (Both programs are now discontinued.)

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